STEM Education, Stemming From Technology Donations

STEM Education

STEM education is more important than ever in developing fields. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math related positions have seen much larger growth across the globe. Students without technology (specifically computers) in the home, continue to fall behind their peers.

STEM-based Technology Grants

Through our technology grants, human-I-T consistently creates alternative learning opportunities for students falling behind. It is important to provide resources for STEM-based learning outside the classroom.

Technology with STEM Resources

Help human-I-T continue to promote STEM learning. It’s simple: every technology donation you make impacts our recipients’ ability to access valuable digital resources. We believe anyone, can learn anything. That’s why human-I-T’s programs equip technology with powerful, open source education and learning programs focusing primarily on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

It’s more than a school subject, or the periodic table, or the properties of waves. It is an approach to the world, a critical way to understand and explore and engage with the world, and then have the capacity to change, indeed world, and to share this accumulated knowledge. (March 23, 2015)

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The skills shortage continues to increase across STEM fields in the US. Without technology your fingertips, a Google search, signing up for online classes, or applying for jobs can be extremely difficult.

Education is the Key – For Every Human Being

Women in STEM
Diversity in STEM Fields
Safe and Friendly Environment
human-I-T: Women in STEM

Women in STEM

Women are drastically under-represented across STEM-related fields. Even though women are gaining ground in biological & medical sciences (51%), they are rarely seen in other STEM-based jobs. like engineering (13%) or in math & computer science (26%) positions.

You can help. Over 70% of human-I-T’s computers and technology are directly donated to women. Donate technology and help human-I-T support STEM-based organizations like Girls in Tech, and women interested in STEM occupations.

human-I-T: Diversity in STEM Fields

Diversity in STEM Fields

STEM fields are more than 70% represented by Caucasians in the US. Asian Americans are a distant 2nd with close to 15%. Other races and ethnicities make up the remaining 15%. African Americans and Hispanics are an extreme minority in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math related positions at a combined 7% representation.

human-I-T focuses on connecting the underrepresented groups to technology and ultimately the internet, providing new avenues of learning outside of a classic school environment. Read more about our diverse group of recipients.

human-I-T: A Safe and Friendly Environment

A Safe and Friendly Environment

Our locations provide a safe and friendly environment for all groups. As human-I-T looks to promote technological equality, we urge you get involved by volunteering or just stopping by to meet a diverse group of like-minded, technology enthusiast.