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Low-Income Families

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Veterans In Need

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Those With Disabilities

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Only sixty-six percent (66 %) of US households earning less than $50,000 per year have a computer in the home. Low-income families are ill-equipped to keep pace with the astonishing rate of technological advances. 

At human-I-T, we enable families by giving them the technological tools needed to meet their goals. Households can qualify based on current-year income levels or via proof of several other forms of assistance (i.e. EBT, free school lunches, or other government assistance).

human-I-T is happy to equip Veterans in need with the technology required to keep up in this rapidly changing digital age. We feel it is the least we can do to repay them for their service.  Veterans only need to show form DD-214 to apply.

Some disabilities make accessibility to technology much more difficult; limiting options to gain employment, research medical information and connect with family and friends.

Individuals receiving Social Security or Supplemental Security Income disability assistance qualify as a program recipient.

IRS designated charitable organizations qualify for our benevolent distribution program. Through other service organizations, human-I-T exponentially increases its immediate impact. Examples include homeless shelters, after school programs; as well as community and child development centers.

Underfunded schools are regularly unable to afford proper technology. Students cannot be expected to thrive in an environment where technology is continuously needed both in and out of the classroom. By providing services to schools, human-I-T provides a brighter future for staff and students alike.

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