PowerOn Campaign

The Power On Campaign was founded by Josh Hutcherson & Straight But Not Narrow (SBNN), human-I-T, The Trevor Project and the LGBT Technology Partnership. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals and organizations in need receive technology and access to important digital resources.

Laptops, tablets and smartphones are donated through the program to help connect the LGBT community and promote equality.

Technology Distributed ($)

Digital Resources, Fostering Equality

Business and smart humans like you donate consumer and enterprise-grade technology to The PowerOn Campaign. Each donation helps human-I-T and our partners continue to develop new resources that benefit the LGBT community.

Each device we distribute, includes an instant messaging service called TrevorChat and the social networking platform, TrevorSpace for at-risk LGBT individuals. Other pre-loaded resources connect LGBT youth to CenterLink, the national network of LGBT community centers, the GSA Network, GLSEN, PFLAG, Gender Diversity, Lambda Legal, and more!

Because Everyone has a Right to Feel Comfortable in Their Skin

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own skin. A huge number of Americans are continuing to use Social Media, as a platform to come out. human-I-T is doing our part, by donating technology to help connect LGBT individuals to a larger community and group of supporters.

LGBT Americans coming out on Facebook each day
Total US Fans of US LGBT pages