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human-I-T History of Technology Donations

human-I-T - Who We Are

Who We Are

human-I-T is a collective group of smart humans turning your E-waste into opportunities; fixing your technology and distributing to those in need. A socially responsible company, leading the charge to close the digital divide and helping others harness the power of information.
human-I-T - Our Mission

Our Mission

At human-I-T our mission is simple: transform unwanted or inoperative technology into operational and educational tools for the millions in need. Striving to go beyond recycling by taking a progressive approach to E-waste management, vocational training and the Digital Divide.

human-I-T - What We Do

What We Do

Our great team provides refurbished technology, digital literacy and vocational training to as many qualified humans as possible. human-I-T breathes new life into your old electronics. Promoting reuse, we fix your devices to create opportunities for our program recipients.

You Can Help. Get Involved

Donate your technology and become a champion in your community. Sending technology to a recycler can result in shredding or the shipment of your technology overseas. Give yourself an opportunity to make a difference in your community by promoting reuse and helping those in need.

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Watch our original video, to see how far human-I-T has come since 2012.