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From volunteering to donating your time, there are numerous ways you can help human-I-T.

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Become a Partner

Companies like Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Taboola have been helping us fight the digital divide since 2013. Become a Pledge Partner and join us. Help human-I-T fight to bridge the digital divide and make sure your technology is reused by those in need.

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A Progressive Approach

human-I-T has a vision to place working technology in every home. Promote a world of electronic reuse and repurposing. Better the lives of everyone by harnessing the power of technology. And provide a progressive, upcycling approach to e-waste management.

Get Involved

Volunteer with human-I-T

Volunteering at human-I-T encompasses numerous types of opportunities. At human-I-T you will meet like-minded, smart humans who care about community, technology, giving back and the environment. Read more below.

Donate Technology or Funds

We take in all working and non-working technology. Make a difference today by taking a progressive approach with your E-waste. Don’t have any technology to donate? You can still help. Find out how your monetary donation creates first-time broadband internet connections and helps human-I-T provide additional, free technical support.

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The best way to predict the future is to help create it. We look for quality, variety, presentation, sophistication and innovation in our interns. Get on-the-job training and experience while helping human-I-T.

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Volunteers fix all kinds of electronics, provide technical support and even help plan technology distribution events. Volunteer with human-I-T and learn a new skill or help teach others looking to learn.

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