FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Is human-I-T an IRS designated 501(c)3, non-profit organization?

Yes, human-I-T become a federally recognized charitable organization in 2012.

Are technology and monetary donations to human-I-T tax-deductible?

Yes, donations are deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Why should I donate technology instead of recycling?
  1. Reuse is a far better option for social and environmental reasons. Recycling and throwing away should be a last resort.
  2. For every 1000 tons of electronics:
    • Repair creates 200 Jobs
    • Recycling creates 15 jobs
    • Landfilling creates < 1 job
How do I schedule a technology pick-up?

It’s easy! Just click here to fill out the technology donation form or call us at 888-268-3921. human-I-T accepts qualified technology donations nationwide!

Can I drop-off my technology items?

Yes, human-I-T provides convenient drop-off locations for California residents. Call us at 888-268-3921 for more information.

What technology items can I donate to human-I-T?

We accept every type of technology in any condition excluding appliances. From computers, scientific equipment, office phone systems, servers, smart phones, etc. Below you will find a short list of items we accept.

Computer Systems & Accessories: • All-in-Ones • CPUs • LCD Displays • Hard Drives • Hubs • Laptops • Keyboards • Mice • Optical Drives • LCD Displays • Servers • Speakers • Switches • UPS Systems • Video Cards • Software • Wires & Cables • POS Systems • Servers • Networking • All PCI Cards Equipment (Video, Audio, & Graphics) • CRT Monitors

Handheld Devices: • Tablets • iPods • MP3 Players • Smart Phones • Cell Phones • Game Systems • Pagers • PDAs • Two Way Radios

Office Equipment: • Fax Machines • Laminating Machines • Photo Copiers • Printers • Scanners • Surge Protectors • Telephones • Security Equipment • Select Furniture • Shipping and Receiving

Audio & Video Equipment Supplies: • Camcorders • Cameras • DVD Players • Game Systems • LCD Projectors • Overhead Projectors • Stereos • LCD & LED Televisions

Warehouse Equipment: • Forklift • Pallets • Gaylords • Large Scales • Tools • Safety Equipment • Dollys • Misc. Equipment • Commercial Vehicles

Do I have to pay a fee to donate my technology items?

No, technology donors are not charged. There are no fees necessary to donate technology.

Do you accept electronics/technology that do not work?

Yes, we accept all types of technology. The only working and non-working technology we do not accept are kitchen appliances and other more specific household items (i.e. washer and dryers).

Does human-I-T provide data destruction and security for sensitive data on my devices?

Yes, we do. Please click here for more information about data security. You can discuss data sanitization options with a representative at 888-268-3921.

What makes human-I-T unique?
  • Technology recipients are not charged. Technology is donated for FREE.
  • Recipients DO NOT have to volunteer to receive technology.
  • We DO NOT shred, smelter, grind or throw technology away.
  • We pick up your unwanted technology from your home or work for FREE.
What are the requirements for recipients to receive a technology donation (grant)?

Low-income: Households qualify based on current-year income or proof of EBT, free school lunches, or other government assistance.

Veterans: Any veteran with form DD-214 may apply.

Disabled Individuals: Any individuals receiving Social Security or Supplemental Security Income disability assistance.

Charitable organizations: IRS designated charities and not-for-profit schools.

I need a computer. How can I request a computer donation?

It’s easy! Just click here to fill out the technology request form.