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Technology donations are easy for businesses and humans like you. human-I-T provides technology pick-ups, free drop off locations and industry best data security & sanitization. Your donated technology creates jobs & internet access, protects the environment and shrinks our Digital Divide.

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Donate funds today and help shrink the digital divide. Every $50 helps human-I-T donate technology to someone in need. human-I-T is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. Donations to human-I-T are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Your Technology Donation Made Easy

human-I-T picks up your technology

1. human-I-T Picks Up Your Technology Donation

Hard Drives and Sensitive Data are Wiped for Data Security

2. Hard Drives and Sensitive Data are Wiped for Data Security

You receive an itemized tax-deductible receipt

3. You Receive an Itemized, Tax-Deductible Receipt

Technology is refurbished

4. Your Donated Technology is Refurbished

Technology and internet is distributed to recipients

5. Technology and Internet are Distributed to Recipients

human-I-T Provides Free Tech Support

6. human-I-T Provides Free Tech Support to Our Recipients

Donate Technology. Don’t Recycle. Here’s Why.

For every 1000 tons of electronics

Repair Creates 200 Jobs

Repair Creates 200 Jobs

Recycling creates 15 jobs

Recycling Creates 15 Jobs

Landfilling creates < 1 job

Landfilling Creates < 1 Job

human-I-T Makes Your Donations Count

human-I-T is helping our high-needs kids by providing access to technology and limitless learning opportunities that were unavailable to us before. On behalf of the 650 children we serve, their families and our entire community, thank you.

Natasha Orozco

Director of Development, SJB Child Development Center

human-I-T donated technology to my organization. Inspire Life Skills Training does not usually budget for additional IT equipment. The cost of purchasing new equipment was too high and because of the generous donation, we were able to serve additional clients last year!

Kristi Camplin

Executive Director, Inspire Life Skills Training, Inc.

The technology grant we received helped strengthen our organization’s capacity to serve our clients and advocate for important issues on their behalf.

Tina Starr

Grant Writer, American Family Housing

Donate Your Electronics, and Help These Applicants

Lanita Fields

Lanita Fields


Technology Request: Desktop or Laptop

Goals: Using it for school, applying for a job, and self education.

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“This donation would help me. Because I am low income and cannot afford one. This donation would help me because get my computer skills up to par. It will help keep me up to date with the times. It will improve my typing skills. It will improve my spelling skills. It will improve my thinking skills. It will improve my language skills. It will improve my comprehension skills. It will improve my verbiage skills. It will improve my mental health. It will enhance my communication skills. It will improve my social skills. It will improve my self sufficiency skills. It will improve my emotional skills. It will improve my writing skills. It will help me with my English skills. It will help me find gainful employment. It will help me train myself. It will help me exercise my mind. It will help connect with the rest of the world positively. It will teach me how to locate things much faster. It will teach me to be more independent. It will teach me how to travel. It will teach me to be more social. It will teach me better etiquette. It will teach me to have better self esteem. It will keep me busy and productive. It will teach me to be detailed. It will help me be a better over all individual. It will cut down my travel time. I could be on the computer as long as I want. It won’t cost me anything to print. I won’t have to worry about catching germs from anyone.”
Spectrum Autism Support Group

Spectrum Autism Support Group


Technology Request: Laptop

Goals: Help Autistic Children develop Social Skills through (a shared interest in) Technology.

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“In the past, Spectrum offered Technology Summer Camp and Technology Social Skill Classes during the school year for elementary and high school students from age 11 to 18. Additionally Spectrum had partnered with Georgia Tech where they supplied educational software they were developing for autism to test run with the students, thus exposing them to some of the latest innovations in the area of educational research. Through Camp and Social Skills Club, Spectrum has served approximately 500 children with Autism in the summer months and at least 500 children with Autism in the school year. With these programs, Spectrum was giving these children access to computers and internet, providing technology and social skills training, and giving them access to interactive learning programs designed specifically for their needs. However, due to lack of proper equipment and aging obsolete computers (Spectrum has been working with computers donated over 15 years ago) all these programs will have to be discontinued this year. 30 laptops would create for Spectrum a mobile computer lab that could accommodate a class size of 20-25 and due to their portability they could be used for multiple programs. It would allow Spectrum to reinstate the Technology Social Skill Classes, the Technology Summer Camp, and reopen their partnership with Georgia Tech. As soon as Spectrum can receive the laptops, they would immediately open for enrollment the Technology Social Skill Training Classes on Saturdays for the elementary and high school students in this current school year.  Social skills and future career options can be improved, leading to greater success in life. We can make a difference in the future success of a child with autism thru technology! We just need computers.”


Claire Dees

Maria Estrada

Maria Estrada


Technology Request: Desktop or Laptop

Goals: Complete school work, look for a job, and take online courses.

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“I am a victim of domestic violence after 10 years of being in that relationship I decided to get up and leave. I could not be there any longer. I am now moving forward. I have now started school in order to feel empower. Some of my classes require me to turn in my work online. It is tough when I don’t have a computer at home. Sometimes I have to go to the school library and use their computers. But their hours are limited. Being a single mother their have been times when I do not have time to go to the library because I have to go get my kids from school or daycare. It would be extremely helpful if I would have a laptop that I can carry around to do my school homework when I have downtime. I am also currently looking for full time work. I am trying my best to find work since everything now is online I have limited time on the computer at the local work source center who also has limited hours on their computers. I would have a great sense of relief if I can have my own laptop at home. So I do not have to be depending on resources that have limited hours of uses. This would also help my son learn how to use a computer. I would teach him at home how to use it. Lastly my other son has a speech delay disorder and I feel I can research online what can I do to help him learn how to speak.”
Sandra Artalejo

Sandra Artalejo


Technology Request: Desktop or Laptop

Goals: Take E-Learning courses and applying for a job.

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“I will have a computer in my residence and be able to learn, apply and support myself I have had a very rough time finding a job without a computer. I have a printer, but no working computer to use it! I need to learn Photoshop and illustrator programs to be competitive in the job market and could easily learn these programs online. I could use the computers to work on my resume, post my work online to digital portfolios (I am an artist) and print out my resumes. Being able to check job boards, respond to emails concerning employment is so important. I feel I am being left behind in the world of technology without a computer. This donation would be such a help for me and could give me an edge in the ever changing competitive world of job hunting. When I am unable to apply daily for jobs, send resumes and emails to companies, I am possibly losing out on potential job opportunities. As an artist, there are also several sites to post and sell art. I am unable to do any of that because I don’t have a computer! Again, another source of income that I am missing out on. I have several reasons for my need and want a job and to work. It is essential in todays world to have this technology to compete for jobs. Also, I know several people who could donate more computers to your cause I applaud you for this incredible program!”
Junipero Serra High School

Junipero Serra High School


Technology Request: Desktops

Goals: Help the teachers, students, and the administrative team to work more efficiently.

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“Greetings! Junipero Serra High School is a non profit Catholic school, located in Gardena, California. The school was founded in 1950, and has since been a cornerstone for aspiring young adults. We have been able to maintain a college acceptance rate of 100%, for the last 8 years. Thankfully, we have dedicated staff members who invest their time an energy, so that every student has a chance to flourish. Demographic data collected in 2014, shows that 51% of our enrolled students come from families that are below the poverty level, according to federal guidelines. A large majority of our school is comprised of low income families, most of which, require tuition assistance. Of 508 total enrolled students, 402 of them required financial aid. There was a need for 1.5 million dollars in financial assistance, in 2014 alone. Our administration team works with each family, to ensure that financial burden is not the reason why a student cannot succeed. With the help of Title 1, and our invaluable volunteers, we make strides to save where we can. Although the spirit and will of the school is strong, monetary forecasting is not. More and more Catholic schools are closing their doors, due to a decline in applicants and funding. Junipero Serra High School has also felt the effects of this decline, and our budgets have been strained because of it. It would be a great help if we could receive more modern technology, to encourage the revival of our school. Most of the computers that we currently own are 9+ years old, and have very minimum system requirements. Our students and staff would greatly appreciate any new computers that you can offer, so that we can work more efficiently and with little interruption. Thank you for considering us as a qualifying organization, and helping us remain the pride of our community.”


Juanita Flores

Tara Johnson

Tara Johnson


Technology Request: Laptop

Goals: Help her son get familiar with a laptop, and go back to school to create a better life.

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“This donation will be a God send my child and myself both can do our homework at home versus having to go to the library or relatives house, my child will get more exposure and have a little normalcy in his life. I will be able to research more programs for him to excel in his life. Currently my son is around kids that have all the latest in technology and I feel bad because I’m not able to provide him with all the technology he needs. The part of Autism my son has is he remembers things and when he is on a computer he lights up. As I mentioned before I want to go back to school because I want to be able to support him in every way possible, there are so many treatments and classes for kids with Autism but in order to attend or get help you have to pay out of pocket, health insurance does not cover those expenses which really sucks, but there is nothing I can do about it but make it happen myself. My son deserves the best and as long as I’m breathing I will continue to fight for anything he needs to be successful in this life and the next. This computer will help both of us him with a sense of pride and comfort knowing he will have his own computer and myself because I will be able to do homework at home and not have to drop him off with anyone to keep while I go to the library to do my homework.”

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human-I-T Partners With The City of Los Angeles

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