Individuals Don’t Build Great Companies, Teams Do.


James Jack is a man who is overflowing with ideas and aspirations. Equipped with the unique ability to see how new trends in technology can come together to benefit those in need, James has the foresight that is required to thrive in todays tech industry. He is a natural problem solver who consistently overcomes any obstacle in his way. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, James started a business straight out of high school and has been refining his entrepreneurial skills ever since


Gabe Middleton is a relentless individual. Always chasing after ideas and coming up with ways to make them better, Gabe is a man who looks to lead, change perceptions, build a brand and motivate individuals. Gabe is passionate about technology, collaborating and giving back, so he decided co-found a nonprofit that incorporates all three things. He is a true believer that collaborating with others generates the best results. Doing what he is passionate about is his idea of a good life, and he looks to share this idea with as many people as possible.

CFO/Managing Director, Los Angeles

Aaron Wilkins up in Fremont, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he strove to make something of himself. After graduating from Santa Clara University in 2009 with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting, he moved to Southern California while in pursuit of that goal. His career began with the nationwide debt settlement company Morgan Drexen, where he worked until 2012. Feeling unfulfilled, he began studying for the CPA examination before being asked to join Computers for a Cause in 2012, shortly after it’s founding. He has always wanted to find a way to give back to those less fortunate then himself and his family, and was very anxious to start making a difference at Computers for a Cause.

Head Tech Guru, Los Angeles

Qu Chen has been working on computers and other related hardware for over 10 years. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems from Walsh College. Qu ran a company called Q’s Computer Solutions that serviced the metro Detroit area with many IT related services. Working at human-I-T combines Qu’s love of working on computers, solving problems and helping people.


Below are people who have taken the extra time and effort to push our cause forward