Do you need to replace or dispose of technology from a Data Center?

human-I-T offers a complete sustainable solution.


On-Site Services

  • Removal of equipment from the racks or removal of the entire rack.
  • Quick removal of the equipment from your center.
  • Transport of equipment to our facility for processing.
  • Hard Drive Data Destruction services via software and/or physical destruction to DoD 5220.22-M and NIST 800-88 standards.


After we process your equipment and wipe all data we will provide you with the following:

  • Itemized Tax Deductible Receipt.
  • Certificate of Data Destruction.
    • Itemized list of every Hard Drive including serial # (upon request).

Any technology we are unable to reuse will be responsibly recycled by an R2 certified recycler.

Why Donate Instead of Sell?

Partnering with a social venture is an important step in ensuring your company resonates with tomorrow’s customer. Working with human-I-T will allow you to showcase that you care, increasing loyalty, trust and revenue.

Donating your equipment is the best option for used working or non-working technology. human-I-T provides a cost free, safe and secure service enabling you to discard any unwanted technology. Selling your equipment can actually cost you money and potentially put you at risk if your technology is not securely handled.

The following items are great examples of donated technology

Enterprise grade HDD’s and SSD’s

  • Interface
  • Brands
    • Samsung
      • M8, M93, 840 Pro, 850 PRO, 845DC, SV843, T1, SM951, PM810
    • Intel
      • P3700, P3600, P3500, 320 Series, 330 Series, 520 Series, 530 Series, 750 Series, S3700, PRO 1500, PRO 2500, PM851,
    • Western Digital
      • WD Re, WD Re+, WD Se, WD Ae, Caviar Blue, VelociRaptor, Caviar Black, WD RED, WD Black, Caviar Green, WD Black2 Dual Drive, Scorpio
    • Seagate
      • Constellation, Cheetah, Archive, Barracuda, Momentus, Savvio, Enterprise Capacity, Hybrid
    • Kingston
      • V100, HyperX Predatr, V+ 300, E50, E100, HyperX Savage, SSDNow 310, KC300, KC380, mS200
    • OCZ
      • RevoDrive 350, Intrepid, Z-Drive, Octane, Talos, Deneva, RevoDrive3, Agility 4, Vector, AMD Radeon, Vertex, Petrol
    • Crucial
      • M500, M550, BX100, MX100, MX200, M4
    • Hitachi
      • Ultrastar, Deskstar
    • ADATA
      • Premier Pro SP600, SP310, SP900, SP920, XM11
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