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of Technology Is Discarded in Landfills


of Our Toxic Waste is E-Waste


Only a Small Percentage of Technology is Recycled

The Growing Digital Divide

Millions of less fortunate people cannot afford to keep up with rapidly changing technology. They are being left behind and our society suffers.

Digital Exclusion in the U.S.

‘The Importance of Being Plugged In’

U.S. World Ranking for Access to Home Broadband

U.S. World Ranking for Access to Home PC


Percentage of Jobs That Require Tech Skills Today


Percentage of Jobs that Require Tech Skills in 10 Years

This is Where human-I-T comes in.

“human-I-T is helping our high-needs kids by providing access to technology and limitless learning opportunities that were unavailable to us before. On behalf of the 650 children we serve, their families and our entire community, thank you.”


SJB Child Development Center

A Better Outcome

Being progressive with your unwanted technology is not only the smart thing to do. It is the human thing to do. Be the Solution.

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